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Grow. Protect. Repeat.

A clear investing path with time tested results.

Four Points Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisory firm with headquarters in New York City.

What We Do

Four Points offers portfolio management services to individuals, business entities, trusts, estates, charitable organizations, pensions and profit sharing plans. These services are offered to clients solely through separately managed accounts.  Four Points specializes in discretionary portfolio management. We do not limit investment advice to any particular type of investment and may provide advice on a wide range of securities including, but not limited to, publicly-traded stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, fixed income securities (such as corporate bonds, treasuries, and other forms of indebtedness), options, and other securities specified in the written managed account agreement between a client and Four Points. 

What We Do

Portfolio Inspection

Careful review of current investments conducted by a fiduciary who will provide guidance

Investment Management

We help people invest and manage portfolios for them. Why are you investing? When are you aiming to use these funds? We will help you answer these questions. 


Get access to financial planning software and you can use yourself* or work with our advisors create a plan. 

Continous Support

Call or write us with questions regarding your life needs

Get inTouch

Get in Touch

Thank you for your interest in Four Points. Here's how to get in touch with our team:

99 Park Avenue, 8th Floor

New York, NY 10016

Tel: (646) 300-6129

By providing your contact information above, you agree that a representative of Four Points, may contact you via telephone and/or email to discuss and/or offer investment products and services that may be appropriate for you. You agree that you are providing to us your consent for us to contact you regardless of any Do Not Call or Do Not Email privacy choices you may have previously expressed until you revoke this consent, or up to 90 days. You may revoke your consent at any time by notifying the Four Points representative.

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